hello ceo. high-level GROUP Mastermind | Apply before midnight 3rd June 2019


hello ceo. everything is figuroutable...BUT, you don't have to figure it out on your own.

Hello CEO is a 6-month business mastermind experience; designed for you to make lasting, profitable and relevant progress in your business - quickly, and more efficiently.


Why continue to spend crazy amounts of time, energy and moolah trying to reinvent the wheel, when someone else has it already figured out?

Hours of research, isolation, questioning, procrastination, frustration - and cussing. For what? Stop experimenting and tormenting yourself by insisting on those loooooooong learning curves. Just stop. You are losing time, money, and opportunities along the way.

Plus, it's tiring af.

It’s time to brainstorm new possibilities with businesswomen who know their shit. Your fellow mastermind members bring solutions to your challenges, fresh eyes on your business, first-hand "been there done that" experience and advice - and black books filled with trusted resources and business contacts that you just won’t find in Google search results.

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By definition, a business mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their business challenges with input and advice from the other group members.

Members are dedicated to each other's success and collaborate freely.

The concept of the Mastermind Group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900's, in his timeless classic, "Think And Grow Rich".

"(A mastermind is) the co-ordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."


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business mastermind


Let's make sure we're a perfect fit.

Hello CEO  is a small, hand-picked group of women business owners; and so the chemistry of the group is absolutely crucial to its success.

After all, these are people that will inspire you - challenge you - support you and make you laugh. People you actually like and respect.

Limited seats | applications close 3 June 2019

hello CEO starts | 1 July 2019 (until 31st Jan 2020)

*with a break for Holiday period in December 2019

surround yourself with 'A' PLayers

Hello CEO is a safe space to talk about your business and get honest feedback from trusted allies who have got your back!

When implementing your plans (or creating new ones), you need the accountability of your peers. Peers that know when to be patient, and kind, honest and compassionate.  Damn smart women who will sit with you in the trenches, will celebrate with you every chance they get, and who won’t let you go off on a crazy, unproductive tangent...

It’s time to move past your upper limits, the peripheral glass ceiling, the old habits that die hard, the part of you that is so ready, but so terrified to change, and be the CEO of your business.


Step 1 | Application

Hello CEO  is a small, hand-picked group of women business owners; and so the chemistry of the group is absolutely crucial to its success (and yours).

Step 2 | preparation

Enrollment questionnaire to complete prior to commencement to help set goals, prioritise, plan and take action.

Step 3 | connection

100% access to your mastermind peers (and me) via Voxer or Whatsapp.  We track progress and projects using Slack.

Both are a non-negotiable, available for desktop and mobile, super-easy to use, and free!

Step 4 | private planning call with ashley

60 min call with Ashley in June 2019 (prior to your first group mastermind call) to set a clear path for your 6-month mastermind experience.

Step 5 | mastermind calls & hot seats

Two 60-min facilitated group calls and hot seats via Zoom every every month (12 in total).

Initial 2 hour group mastermind session for introductions, to set goals, plan milestones etc.

Step 6 | Weekly Check-Ins

Accountability and support is paramount to your success and that of your peers, so between mastermind group calls, I ensure we are checking in as a collective group at least once a week on Trello/Slack.

Step 7 | 6 months FREE hello boss membership

You get full access to the Hello Boss Community Membership site (which includes all kinds of trainings and resources), as well as the Hello Boss facebook community.

Step 8 | private progress call with ashley

30 min call with Ashley at the end of your mastermind experience to summarise progress and discuss next steps for your business.

Limited seats | applications close 3 June 2019

hello CEO starts | 1 July 2019 (until 31st Jan 2020)

*with a break for Holiday period in December 2019

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"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."


Why limit your sphere of learning to the fancy Instagram coach who doesn't even know your name?

Or your sweet childhood friend who, bless her heart, can’t tell a good biz idea from a bad one?

Being a part of mastermind, helps to shed light on those business "blind spots", and receive objective advice or feedback from business women across various industries, with unique tactical skills, and know-how.  Women who will set up accountability structures (and 3 am crisis calls) that keep you focused and on track.

Women who have made mistakes, so that you don’t have to.

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is a mastermind right for you?

How do I know what I need right now? A course, a coach, a mentor, a community or a mastermind?

The flexibility of this program is what makes it so valuable! 

As a business owner it's easy to find yourself hitting panic mode, feeling overwhelmed by "all the ideas" and not sure which way to turn, or even where to begin.  

You feel alone in your decision making, and wish you had someone to just bounce ideas off of, or brainstorm with.

Perhaps you're needing some advice on your branding, email sales funnel, website copy or landing page?

Feeling a little uninspired, demotivated or in dire need of a pep talk (or kick in the pants)?

Or maybe just needing a little strategic business advice....or merely a listening ear.

Courses are great, but let's face it...we all have a graveyard of courses stashed somewhere that we've either never touched or completed.  No accountability, so we just never got it done. Or maybe they were just not the right "fit" at the time.

A coach is great for really getting down to the nitty gritty of specific strategy and helping you set the course for next steps. 

Communities are wonderful for support and resources, and while you can ask advice in that space; not everyone 100% knows and understands your business or your business vision, so the advice is often subjective and requires filtering.

The Hello CEO mastermind is right for you if...

You're an action taker...it's in the DOING that you will progress and prosper.

You're an "A" Player...a 'get-shit-done' kinda girl! Aint nobody got time for bullshit and drama.

You totally get that moving forward in life and business is about owning your mistakes, failing forward, being solution orientated and having an "everything is figureoutable" mindset.

You're open to constructive feedback and advice...because you know that we ALL have something to learn and should always operate in a state of learning.

You're prepared to do the work...a mentor or coach is there to guide you, offer advice and (like a hockey coach), 'teaches you the game', but the doing part is all YOU!

You are ready to let your desire to be passionate about your life and work overcome your fear of change.

You are willing to commit to the change required to grow, and you are willing to commit to your fellow mastermind group members on group calls regularly.

You're not side hustling. You're the full time CEO of your business.

Hello CEO is NOT for you if...

You’re new to working for yourself or have little experience offering your service/product.

You're looking for a big and bustling community - there will be a max of 4 members in the group calls.

You need support but don't have time to offer it to others (in this case, a 1:1 Mentorship with me might be what you need!).

You don't like asking for help or accepting feedback.

You’re not interested in actively participating in a collaborative community.

You're looking for group therapy - this is a highly supportive environment but it's no substitute for professional therapy and the discussion and activity will be focused around your business, whilst fully acknowledging that the personal and professional are merged for solopreneurs. So, we'll discuss how the ripples of big change in your personal life impact on your work, but it will be through the lens of considering your strategy and tactics from a professional perspective.

The very idea of setting intentions and finding your deeper purpose brings you out in a rash.

When will the calls take place?

This will be determined once we know the makeup of the group, since time zones will play a huge part in deciding when the calls need to take place.

It's a small group, so I'm pretty confident we'll be able to find a time that works for everyone.