Had more WTF moments than you care for? Good!


Change is inevitable. Change is uncomfortable. Change is necessary.

To be, do or have the things we aspire to in life, we must be accepting of “change”. It’s an inevitability we cannot control and must embrace. However uncomfortable, it is necessary.

Now that’s not my opinion – that’s fact.

Having a dream or a goal that you are working towards is AWESOME! It’s also something I definitely always encourage and teach to those I coach in life, career and business. However, as I am sure we have all come to learn with time; sometimes life has other plans on “how” we get to realize those dreams.

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It could be that we are held back by lack of funds, resources, circumstances, other people, time, or our limiting beliefs in our own abilities.  In those moments we find ourselves feeling frustrated, demotivated and second-guessing ourselves.

Wondering…”WTF?  Is this really worth all the stress, discomfort, money and time I’ve spent on this. When’s MY ship going come in? Maybe I should just quit this whole ‘shebang’? Besides, no one supports me or even seems to care anyway.”

Sound familiar?

It’s OK…breathe! You aren’t alone, we all have those moments – it’s what makes us human.  However, taking action to that response will in no way make you or me successful at achieving our goals will it?

You can be assured that even the most successful people have their fair share of crappy “life” stuff to deal with.

So don’t – not even for a minute – think that you’re the ‘only one’,

or that they’re born with any measure more ‘favour’ than you or I.  Silver spoon or no silver spoon, they have their own crosses to bear too.

What makes you, me, or the next person successful at achieving our goals and dreams in life, is how we respond to change.  Your response is a choice.  Simple. (Again, not my opinion…fact!)

When faced with unexpected change in your life; rather than feel defeated or overwhelmed by it all, choose to take positive action, and shine the light of perspective on your circumstances:

  • Quit complaining. It changes nothing about change. What it does change though, is an increased lack of confidence in yourself. Sometimes what we think is best for us, is not always the case.
  • Trust the timing.
  • Focus on the lesson to be learned.  Focusing on what you don’t have, and what others do have is not productive, and does not change anything.  You cannot compare your journey with that of the next person; we all walk our own path.  Besides, self pity is just not attractive…mkay?
  • Regroup and move forward.  Take the lesson from the situation and move forward.  Your plans might need a little adjusting, tweaking, or re-brainstorming.  Sometimes, they merely require some patience.

The inescapable truth is that change is something we don’t have any power over. It must be welcomed. Embraced. It’s what makes us stronger, wiser, and builds character. We need to be maleable; flexible and open to the “how” and the “when”. Everything in life unfolds as it should. It’s your job to just keep hustling and trust the flow. Not fear it.

Watch the abundance…


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