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Hey Peaches!

I'm Ashley

I teach entrepreneurs simple, clear strategies that get them the results they need for their business quickly, and with as little fuss and overwhelm as possible; so that they can have more time, money and freedom to live the life they deserve and dream of.

Hello! I am also an entrepreneur, business mentor, community founder, speaker; coffee and G & T enthusiast; minimalist, bullet journaller and planning strategist. My favourite thing in the world is being a mommy to little Georgia Rose (aka Pea), and those closest to me would describer me as a stubborn optimist, and a firm believer in building a business around a life you love (and not the other way around!).


My husband says

I’m solar-powered and live on sunshine and coffee

… he’s right!

Give me the beach sand or the grass between my toes any day! That being said, I am most certainly also a creature of comforts, and can’t live without my Mac (in fact all Apple related techie stuff), sushi, music, a good G & T or Kit-Kats…..and (I know I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s worth repeating)…COFFEE!

I crave laughter, always use too many exclamation marks (!!), and my family are heaven & earth to me. Ask my mom to describe me, and she’ll definitely say something like “big-hearted, independent and bossy!”.  Ha!  I’d also say I’m a little OCD with things being clutter free, highly creative (an introvert of sorts…I’m not afraid of my own company), and incredibly adverse to brussel sprouts! Ick!

Friend…there is no doubt in my mind that you were created to offer something beautiful to this world; and that you can do, be and create whatever your heart desires – because heck, if you are that passionate about it, it’s what you are created for.

The universe is already working in your favour,
c’mon…get moving!

My purpose is helping you realize your unique greatness; to write your own beautiful story, living a full & free life, and running your business on your terms!  I’ve designed a life I LOVE, around a business I LOVE; and I have made it my life’s work to show you how to do that too.  Are you ready?

“This is impossible” said Alice.

“Only if you believe it is.” said the Mad Hatter

Alice In Wonderland

After 15 years consulting in the corporate recruitment space both here in SA and the UK - including owning and managing my own successful Recruitment business, I started to feel like something was missing.

The money was great, and the work was challenging, however, I knew I was created for something more.

After searching my heart, I realised that deeply rooted in me is the desire to teach others how they too could have similar success in business, as well as the freedom and independence they so desperately craved.

The Ashley Knight Company started out of a pursuit for creativity, a journey of connecting business women around the world, and (most importantly) a love for teaching.   It’s born of a strong belief that business owners CAN have a profitable business that they love, AND the time and space to balance that with a life that they are crazy about!

Together with my clients, we develop bespoke strategies on the topics of branding, social media, productivity, systems and the how-to’s of online marketing.

Often times we are juggling our business, school pickups, the grocery shopping, doctors visits, self care, being a wife, sister, friend, mom and boss, and trying to finish that first cup of coffee before it gets cold.  We all need to know that being an entrepreneur is an adventure of really high highs and some really low lows…and that that is SO normal!

I felt like that too! We all need and crave community, support, understanding and also a space where we can learn, up-skill, grow, share and feel understood.

And that’s why I founded the Hello Boss Community…a membership community for women in business.

I have been intentional in making sure we're always keeping it “real” and a place where Community outweighs competition…every time!

Some of our members met their first client in this community, which for me is just amazing!


(I’m so fancy!)

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur; Ashley is not only the heartbeat and mastermind behind The Ashley Knight Company, but also the brains behind the rapid success of her first business, Talent Desk within the Recruitment & Executive Search space. From the offset it’s clear that Ashley’s sole purpose and motivation in her work, is to see people tuning into, recognizing and leveraging off of their innate potential, and fulfilling their heart’s desires and life passions.

With over 15 years experience consulting within the corporate space both here in South Africa and the UK, Ashley carved out a unique space for herself in the world of Recruitment & Executive Search; and now more recently within her business strategy and coaching niche (accredited NLP Coach); working with aspiring and established entrepreneurs to strategically build and better their business online.

Ashley has an infectious love for her work and an honest passion for helping women realize their life and business goals. She takes great pride in assisting business owners and entrepreneurs with setting up and running successful, heart-filled businesses, that add immense value to them personally, and the world at large.

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

Nelson Mandela

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Birgitta Bezuidenhoudt and Liesel Oldbury The Bash Design Studio

Since working with Ashley, we are loving where our business is at! We have seen so much growth over the last few months, and are now working on projects with clients that bring out the love and joy we have for our work.

Ashley showed us that as much as we have dreams and schemes, unless we actually put these into play they will always just be deams! She made us feel so comfortable and we really felt that we could just share where we were at, without any judgement. We LOVE that she isn’t afraid to say things as she sees them. We love how real she is, and how she just got us from our first meeting.

Ashley is honestly the best thing that happened to our business and to us!