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feeling stuck in survival mode?

Going through the motions of life and business on auto-pilot, but not sure where you're headed? Or maybe you're trying your best to just avoid feeling overwhelmed by everything required of you in your home and business?

All you need is a well thought out strategy.

A plan that doesn’t go bust on the bad days; and that is not only forgiving, but also stretching.

dream, decide...do!

Would you believe me if I said that you are just a couple of post-its away from that work-life blueprint you’ve been craving?

Yup, I made all the rookie mistakes. Destroyed countless notebooks; downloaded all the apps and created lists for my lists! The result? I overcommitted and underachieved. Now I'm scheduled up to two years in advance, and smitten with my life and business plan!

This planning strategy is 10 years in the making. Crafted and fine tuned to perfection by me...for you.

plan with ashley

you do not need to be doing ‘all the things’

The interactive Plan With Ashley workshop covers goal setting, vision boards, planning methods, project management and planning tools, resources, content planning how-to's and MORE!

Like brewing a good coffee, once you’ve got the technique down, it’s easy-peasy and so delicious!



With a little planning, and a bit of daring, you could imagine all kinds of grand adventures! 

what others are saying

I'll be honest, I was a little concerned about getting the value I had hoped for in exchange for my investment.

But the Ashley Knight Wall Planner has been a gift from the gods,  and the whole online workshop was so insightful!

I’ve met all my quarterly and monthly goals; and, oh my gosh, I actually realized how doable my life and business actually was!

If you are considering doing a Plan With Ashley Workshop....Do it! It is worth every cent and every minute.



As someone inexperienced in business, I felt self-conscious and worried about being the ignorant newbie in a group of female entrepreneurs at a Plan With Ashley Workshop (in-person). But, it was such a relaxed atmosphere that all my fears were immediately cast aside.

I left with a clear idea of a business strategy for the year, greater confidence, and a new group of friends.

Since doing the in-person workshop with Ashley, I have Increased my following on social media, Increased sales, was able to train and hire a part-time employee, and received sales from a much wider audience.

It is such a worthwhile investment. Not only help your business grow, but also to ensure that your personal life is taken into account.

It's a business course that understands the juggling act women do every day.