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I made all the rookie planning mistakes.

Yup, I destroyed countless notebooks - overcommitted and underachieved.

Now I'm scheduled up to two years in advance, and I'm smitten with my life and business plan!

Untitled design

While perfecting my planning techniques

I designed a range of planning spoils that tick all my boxes. I thought about every dot and line, and how each item helped me PLAN and...ACTION the things that set my heart on fire.

But while I love what I love, I know each boss babe is different.

So I wanted these wall planners, book planners, and stickers designed in a way that allows you to create planner magic - your way.

Are you a planner snob?

I feel you.  I've created a "planner walkthrough" in the hopes of answering all your questions. If I've missed anything, pop me a note on Insties - I'm always game for planner chat.

Let's just call it a business expense...

or self-care, year-end spoils, or I-can-buy-another-notebook-if-I-want-to! 

Finished in a simple black, white and blush colourway, these basics go well with your fave planning accessories - whether that be glittery washi tape, or bold markers. These make the perfect gifts, and guess what?


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this is your year (1)

R380 (excludes shipping)

Personal & Business Planner

Exciting stuff happening in 2019? Plan it! Get your hands on this luxe A5 black metal ring-bound planner. Many of us start the year on an incredible high, only to lose our mojo when it's time to follow through. This planner is your daily reminder (and action station)...this is your year!

dreamdecidedo (1)

R380 (excludes shipping)

Personal & Business Planner

Inspo is cool, but you need a life and business formula that gets you from start to finish! This A5 black metal ring-bound, all in one planner, is a home for your dreamy actions and decision-making processes. Pretty to look at, and oh-so-good for flatlays! 

Cover 7 - Notebook-01

R95 (excludes shipping)

Dot Grid Notebook

Bu-jo fan? Me too! This A5 staple-bound notebook (staple-bound) is great for doodles, and super nifty if you struggle to write in straight lines - like me! Think of her as a sister to your Planner - brushed with gold and blush tones, you won't miss your monochrome look at all!

wallplanner (1)

R420 (excludes shipping)

Personal & Business Wall Planner

Laminated and wipeable, this 85cm x 85cm wall planner gives you a birds eye view of what's going down in boss town! If you just 'have to know' what, who, when and why at all times - this is your work-wife in calendar form! I use her to keep track of life, biz, content creation, and goal setting. You can even pop this in the kitchen and get the whole family on board!

Grid Notebook (1)

R95 (excludes shipping)

Dot Grid Notebook

Now everybody loves a blank page! This A5 staple-bound notebook works wonders for corners of your life that need their own place in the world. Keep one in your bag when you don't want to lug your planners around or add them to your client packs for ease of use. Get your best ideas on the go? Scribble them in your notebook & transfer to your planners at a convenient time.

stickers (1)

R90 (excludes shipping)

Sticker Sheets

A5 sticker sheets in black and blush - it's time to let loose! You can use these babies anywhere - on your wall planner, in your journal or book planner. Heck, I've got them stuck on my phone and laptop covers too!  There are no rules, and that's why these sticker sheets include an array of original designs that are fun, funny, sassy and oh-so-real-life.  

supporting small business

These planner spoils represent the craftsmanship of several South African artisans who pour an admirable amount of love and detail into their work.

Locally sourced and intentionally made, every rand or dollar supports small businesses l adore - and I’ve decided against mass production, so your purchase is part of something really special!

With a little planning, and a bit of daring, you could imagine all kinds of grand adventures!