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EAT. SLEEP. BOSS. RETREAT Imagine three days of luxury for you - the boss lady who wants to spend time working on her business, and not in her business.

With five-star amenities, and all comforts considered; all you’ve got to do is show up and enjoy your work-cation in one of the most beautiful venues South Africa has to offer.


It’s like your most productive workday and favourite holiday wrapped into one

escape the hustle

Retreat to a hand-picked private luxury residence, where the finer details of your weekend have been curated in-house here at The Ashley Knight Company HQ.

We're tight lipped on the surprises, but you're in for a luxuriously lush experience!

Your itinerary will be provided on arrival - no spoilers allowed! But we do promise that you’ll have ample time to get your beauty rest, hone in on the intent of your trip, and plan those Instagrammable moments. No awkward ice breakers either!

join us for A purposeful weekend away filled with high-level strategy and masterminding.

Not forgetting to take in the gorgeous surroundings,  naps, good food and great company - yoga pants are all the pants you'll need (not for purpose..but purely for comfort!)


The wifi is strong and the coffee served hot, so what are you waiting for?


It’s an indulgence of the best kind for all the right reasons

When you’re juggling roles in your home and business, it’s hard to identify as the CEO you are. Sometimes it takes stepping away from it all to zoom in on who you really are when you’re not answering emails, instant messages and seeing to the needs of everyone around you.

This is your opportunity to leave the kids at home - whether they have two legs or four! Take your hands off the day-to-day operations, and come swoon over those biz dreams that often fall by the wayside.

Spoil yourself with unlimited time to reason, imagine and dare greatly...away from the daily grind!

Some things are just better with great company

Eat. Sleep. Boss. Retreat is a shared experience for women in business who want to soak up the full benefits of intentional community, breathe a little, get shit done or just hit that "reset" button in both life and business.

Twelve heads are certainly better than one! When we say goodbye, you'll have no memory of every other day you’ve spent at your wits end, with no adult company to call your own...

If you need a sounding board, fresh ideas and objective feedback - this is for you!


AUTUMN RETREAT | April / May 2019 (TBC)

We are looking at doing a possible Autumn Retreat somewhere gorgeous here in South Africa, however will need to gauge availability of venues and attendees.

SPRING RETREAT | 18-21 October 2019

The Spring Retreat is confirmed, although the venue is still our best-kept secret!

Your work-cation includes

  • Airport transfers for out of town travellers
  • Safe parking
  • Single or shared room in beautiful free-standing luxury home. 
  • Yummy meals prepared fresh, suited to your dietary requirements (aka all meals included)
  • "Help yourself station" for when you’re feeling snacky
  • Leisure activities
  • Saturday mini-workshop with Ashley Knight (that's me!)
  • Spoils (because, you’re worth it!)
  • Enrollment questionnaire to complete prior to commencement to help set goals, prioritise, plan and take action
  • A professional photographer will be taking some pics  too, so you get a couple of chilled brand vibe headshots to treasure!
  • Limited to 10 spots 
  • Payment required in full up front to secure your booking
eat. sleep. boss. retreat.

the 2018 retreat sold out in a matter of days

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