The Day I Nearly Quit Coffee (overwhelm, and other horror stories)

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*sigh* “I just don’t have the time; and besides, I am just SO tired!”

“Finances are a problem; I can’t afford gym fees or all this fancy Quinoa and Kale crap!”

“Between the kids, laundry, school, cooking dinner and shaving my legs; I couldn’t possibly fit ANOTHER thing in. I’m just too busy!”

“I’ll start tomorrow….no wait, Monday! I’ll start Monday.”

“I’m too tired”, “I’m too sick”, “I wouldn’t even know where to start, so why bother?”


Yup, I know, I’ve been there; in fact last week was an “I’ll start Monday” kind of week for me too. My husband is trying desperately to convert me from caffeine to Green Tea. I know right? Quit coffee? Pffft!!! However, I had made it a goal, starting Monday, to follow my first coffee with a cup of Green Tea (at the very least) instead of the usual second cup of coffee.

Quite ambitious!  Long story short – the box of tea remains unopened, and I’m needing to stock up on coffee!

With all the best intentions in the world, you want to eat more healthily, get back to the gym, quit smoking, start juicing, or learn the art of meditation. But then…before you can begin…life happens. You find yourself juggling your daily routines and responsibilities until…smack! Overwhelm.

Sound familiar?

Yup, life’s friggin busy, and it demands much of our attention – but the hard truth is; that’s no excuse. There, I said it.

Yes, there is a lot of “stuff” in life that’s competing for our attention; however, consider this : this is YOUR life – YOU decide what gets your attention, and when.


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Life offers us many legitimate reasons why we cant do things; but these are more often than not excuses that we buy into. Why? Oftentimes it’s because when we are forced to choose, we opt for the familiar, the less stressful, more comfortable, and easier to navigate option. We lose to fear…to believing in someone else’s negative opinion of us, or the sheer scope of the project overwhelms us into a state on numbness.  So we do nothing.

If we get fiercely real with ourselves for just a moment, we will discover that despite what we may think in defence of our excuses – they really get us nowhere in the end. Procrastination has us going in circles, and we ultimately end up feeling deflated and crappy about having all these positive intentions that we don’t fulfill in our lives.

In our minds, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t; so why bother in the first place?

Why bother? Because life is found in the living my friend, and experience is what we grow by.  Good, bad or indifferent. I’d rather fail having had the adventure of a lifetime, than never try at all and live with the what ifs and if onlys. (Rant over)




ONE: Pick ONE thing – be ruthless…just one.

The secret to overcoming overwhelm, is clarity. If you’re like me, you have to-do lists on your phone, in your diary, on post it notes, in your head and on the fridge.  Trying to chuck in more to-do’s like eating healthily, drinking more water, go to gym a few days a week and quitting smoking (for example) all at once means that theres no focus, too many things to juggle…smack!

Pick one thing – make that the thing you focus all your energy and attention on getting right, and doing so well, that it becomes habitual and flows naturally. No stress, no overwhelm.


TWO: Want it like you need it – want it like you need the air you breathe.

If I’m honest with myself; I don’t really mind Green Tea, it’s actually quite pleasant drinking and super good for me – but it’s not me.  I love my coffee! Truly, love it like the plants need the sun kind of love it! It wasn’t MY intention to stop drinking coffee in the first place; and so, of course I was doomed to fail!

Whatever it is that you pick, it must be something that you want in the very heart of you. It’s no use picking something that everyone else says you should do, OWN IT!


THREE: Plan and actively pursue it – every day!

If you want to succeed, you must have a plan. And for your plan to work – you must pursue it. You may not get it right every day, that’s okay. For varying reasons we do sometimes fall off the bus, but in those moments – forgive yourself, regroup and get back on the bus.  You must not allow your fears to get in the way.  Remember why you started, and carry on. It’s just one thing – stay determined, keep focused, you got this!


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Before you know it you are there, you’re doing it! And it feels easy…it feels comfortable – and now, maybe its time to go back to the beginning. Go ahead….pick one thing. Just one.



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