need fresh eyes on your business?

objective insight, advice and support that actually works?

Your VIP Day (aka very important planning day) is an intensive one-on-one Plan With Ashley strategy day; designed to ensure you make strategic, lasting, profitable and relevant progress in your business - quickly, and more efficiently.

You and full day, and a high level focus on your business. CEO to CEO if you will!


WHAT IS A coach?

Typically a business coach is someone who is an entrepreneur or business owner, that shares their experience and know-how to see other business owners flourish and reach their goals.  They offer custom advice, and offer counsel, wisdom, insight and inspiration.  They challenge your way of thinking and help to bring new perspective.


There's no magic formula that'll make you your millions.

It takes a shit-ton of heart, a well thought out strategy (aka plan), tried-and-tested tools and resources (and of course the occasional f* bomb) to have your dreams become a reality.

Your VIP day is geared towards developing an individually crafted strategy, specific to your business; that is simple, highly actionable, measurable and (of course) profitable.

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ceo your business.

You get to pick my brain on all things business, and together we brainstorm and troubleshoot your strategy in real time.

Why continue to spend crazy amounts of time, energy and moolah trying to reinvent the wheel, when someone else has it already figured out?

Hours of research, isolation, questioning, procrastination, frustration - and cussing. For what?  Stop experimenting and tormenting yourself by insisting on those loooooooong learning curves. Just stop. You are losing time, money, and opportunities along the way.

Plus, it's tiring AF.

Together we brainstorm solutions to your challenges, get fresh eyes on your business, first-hand "been there done that" experience and advice - and access to trusted resources and business contacts that you just won’t find in Google search results.

this is how we roll.



Enrollment questionnaire & prep work (about 2 hours of prep via online prompts) to complete prior to commencement to help set goals for our time together.


Together we prioritise, strategise and your next steps, so that you have an action plan in place that is simple, fun, easy and profitable!


Being your own boss can be like an all-day pyjama party for one.

Some serious couch hustlin in that messy bun happening right there.

Buuuuttt you’re so wrapped up in “all the things” you need to cross off the to-do list...juggling the kids, getting to the gym, and ensuring that at some stage your tribe is fed - that the neighbours are beginning to think the only clothes you own are sweatpants! 

How about your friends...turn down another invite?

The juggle is real lovely..SO real! But surely there's got to be some light at the end of all this?

I mean, didn't we start this whole "being my own boss" thing so we'd have more time and freedom?

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they’ve got planned for you? Not much” 

Jim Rohn

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caitlyn de beer caitlyn de beer

Ash is one of a kind.

Working with a coach is a huge investment, and the only reservation for me was pricing. However Ashley gives so much value, and I left our consult with clarity and absolute resolution.

Ashley is real and just lovely to work with. She is open and willing to share her expertise.

I found our session SO beneficial for my brand and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help with growing their business.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so real, open to share and approachable."

what others are saying.

Ashley made me feel like I knew what I was doing. That I am competent and capable - and at the same time I could still be vulnerable, and ask for help! She has an extremely structured approach (complete opposite of me), so this allowed me to feel safe. Particularly with her checking in on me to see how I was progressing, listing my objectives, & checking them off as I made progress. Within that structure there was ample opportunity for me to be as flexible, spontaneous & as intuitive as I needed to be in my creative processes.

I learned that setting up a workflow is not that hard, and that it's oh-so-useful once its done!  There is greater peace of mind knowing that my workflows are there to make my life a little simpler.

Perhaps the greatest value I got out of this mentorship experience, was increased clarity and a sense that someone has my back (priceless as a solopreneur!!).

Working with Ashley is like talking with an old friend - she is so easy to connect with. Friendly, funny, a natural cheerleader, and at the same time a no nonsense mentor who pushes you to be your best!


Working with Ashley is working with someone that is truly invested in moving your business forward. 

I gained confidence and reassurance that I'm on the right path in terms of the splitting and reorganising of my businesses. The stamp of approval from Ashley on the direction I'm going in was huge! Having someone I look up to take the time to look at my business really felt like it moved me forward. There was a day where I felt complete panic and just having the phone to quickly get in touch really helped (saved my husband from hearing all the drama!)

I wish I could have this on an ongoing basis. I really look up to Ashley and for me it didn't feel like hanging out with a business bestie, it felt like having a recognised mentor available and accessible. Which was great!

Having someone to pop a message to in real time as things were happening - as opposed to waiting for your next coaching session was so helpful!  I also love how she helped me name my strategy program.

Ashley has a no nonsense, fast paced, and focused approach. I'm definitely enrolling again soon!


Before enrolling in the She Prospers Mentorship program, I was concerned about whether I could "get it all done", but with a little help from Ashley - I got it ALL done, and some!

She helped me with a mini brand update, as well as getting clearer on my messaging for Social Media, my newsletter and my offerings. Working with Ashley I always felt supported, loved and important.  She is gifted with great insight, always professional, and laser focused!

If you are thinking of enrolling in the She Prospers program, don't! 


I loved working with Ash! She is super real, super genuine (the real McCoy); and helped me feel calmer as a business owner. It IS ok, this boss/mom/wife thing can be hard - heck, it's the real entrepreneur life!  

She truly is like a business bestie! I appreciated the honesty we had with each other - about work and life. Especially since I'm working on my own, and am doing this for my family - shit got real and she was there.

My biggest breakthrough in the She Prospers program was realising, that the consistency of all the smaller things makes a bigger (and positive) impact on the bigger things in your business. I was able to get clarity on what I want to do with my business, and assurance with those things I was doing right. 

If you're considering She Prospers, I say "Do it!". Trust in the process and ask questions. Don't be afraid - ask.