voxer with ashley

You know how sometimes you just wish you had someone to talk shop with? Without the cost, hassle or time commitment of signing up to a mastermind, course, coaching - or another friggin zoom call?

Well you're in the right place my friend - that's exactly what Voxer With Ashley is about!

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what is voxer? Voxer is a free walkie-talkie style app you can use on your phone/desktop

We use it for on-the-go coaching and mentorship, through back 'n forth voice and text messaging (including links, photos, files and gifs) over the course of an hour, or an entire day - you choose!

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voxer with ashley is like chatting to a trusted friend (aka biz bestie)

This bite-size coaching format is designed to go at your pace in a relaxed, conversational style - to ensure that you know the next right step/s towards making strategic & relevant progress in your business - in less time & with less stress!


here's how it works

As a self-confessed business minimalist, you know I love SIMPLE. This process is exactly that...simple, and delightfully easy. We go at your pace - with space to think, ponder, analyse, action and tweak as much as you like on your topic/s of choice - no more bottlenecks, procrastination or self-doubt.


Once your payment is processed, you'll be automatically directed to my calendar, where you can select a date and time that works for you.


You'll receive info on how to download the Voxer app (to your phone and/or desktop) and connect with me ahead of our scheduled time.


On your Voxer day, we connect on time, and I'm here for all your questions. This is where the magic happens friend!

here's why voxer rocks!

the pros far outweigh the cons

Here's a few good reasons why this is the ONLY way I work one-on-one now as a business strategist and mentor.

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  1. Spaciousness

    We go deep, without the pressure of a time limit and feeling like we gotta 'cram it all in' - intentional space for reflection, mulling things over and even taking action as we go!

  2. introvert friendly

    No need to prepare for a video call!  Goodbye awkward quiet moments, or feeling pressured to answer a question quickly, without the mental space to give it considered thought first.


    Leisurely conversation, with quick results - you get answers to all your questions, on demand! No more "damn I forgot to ask..." post-zoom-call frustration.

  4. business therapy

    I'm the type of person that needs to process & mentally organise things by TALKING it through!  You too?  Some of my best ideas have come to me while sound-boarding concepts, ideas, and planning new offers out loud.

  5. Replays

    Texts and/or voice snippets that you can go back and listen to over and over when needed.

  6. Affordability + Accessibility

    I'm particularly stoked at how this method of coaching allows for more women to have access to affordable coaching, that is (in my opinion) much more effective, intimate, focused and productive!

what I can help with You know all of those ideas and to-do's you’ve got scribbled down in your notebooks, planners, on post-it notes, or stored away somewhere in your phone?

My zone of genius is helping you make sense of all that brilliance, and helping you map that out into an actionable strategy for more profit [and time] with less hassle. 


    Time management, productivity and efficiency hacks for solopreneurs, moms who CEO, and business owners who are tired of exchanging time and money for no result!

  • Strategy

    Build, grow and scale! What does that look like for you business? Building out that strategy for growth, not forgetting your profit strategy, and how this all fits into living a spacious life.

  • Planning & MAPPING

    Tactical advice on how to map out your time, growth, projects, launches etc in a logical and sustainable way - to ensure your business feels simple, fun and easy.....and your LIFE takes centre stage!


    How to get everything you want in life and business, in a way that feels simple, fun and easy.  This means...diversifying your offerings and taking a blended approach. Learn which blend of business models work best for you!

  • Simplicity

    Saying goodbye (for good) to burnout, the hustle, perfection, and those things we are told will make us happy & successful. Find simplicity & success in your life and business - so that your kids, family, friends, and you; get the best of you, not what's left of you.

  • operational optimization

    Simplifying, automating, systems, growing your team, workflows - all things ops!

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voxer with ashley the mission and my promise

My mission is to help Solopreneurs build, grow and scale a profitable business that feels simple, fun and easy - so that they can live more...and work less!  My promise is to always bring honest, fresh perspective; along with the spirit of simplicity and truth - to ensure that all strategies lead to your prosperity in both life and business.

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quick win

voxer hour

Sometimes all you need is someone else's eyes, ears and brains on something -  for a quick win to move you towards your next goal. Tap me in for support & strategic direction with an hour on Voxer, so you can move forward more confidently.

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most popular

voxer day

A 5-hour day of magic!  A super chilled ping-pong style conversation around your business, while you can still get on with life and getting things done! Brilliant right? There's plenty of time for focused action, processing and reflection.  


frequently asked questions